Gift Ideas for a Baby Shower


Baby gifts and baby flowers are great ways to show how excited you are about the upcoming arrival of the baby. Whether you’re welcoming a child of a friend or family, Dunedin flowers are the perfect way to say congratulations to the proud parents. That said, here are some of the baby shower gift ideas for you to try.

1. A Well-Designed Centerpiece

Believe it or not, a well-designed table centerpiece of beautiful flowers elegantly arranged by florists of Dunedin has the ability of pulling a baby shower-theme together. Those who are running out of ideas don’t have to worry about anything at all, because Dunedin flowers are some of the best flowers perfect for creating beautiful centerpieces. With these flowers, you’ll be able to exercise your creativity as you try to craft elegant and cute baby shower centerpieces.

2. Candlelight and Flowers Centerpiece

When it comes to baby showers, candlelight and flowers are nothing new, however, most are not aware that the combination of the two is a great way to create a tabletop decoration that would fit in a relaxed summer baby shower. For this, you have to place the candles in tall glass vessels and attach a flower outside each.

Don’t forget to trim the stems so that it would fit, and to make it look more elegant, you can also tie a raffia that matches the flower. Your recipient would definitely be happy to receive this.

3. Tea-Tin Vases

If the baby shower you’re going to attend to has a vintage theme, then you can consider vintage-looking tins as a gift, since it can be turned into a flower vase. You just have to clean out the containers and give them a second-life as beautiful flower vases that can be given as a gift. Fill them up with Dunedin flowers, and you’re done.

Since these tins are usually water tight and definitely waterproof, you wouldn’t have to worry about breakage or leakage as well. If you’re running out of time and cannot go to a flower shop anymore, don’t worry, there’s flower delivery Dunedin!

4. Floating Flowers

An orchid florist of Dunedin can come up with crisp flower arrangements that are so fresh pretty, and sophisticated. They use a grid of tape to hold the blossoms in an upright container, giving the illusion that they’re floating. With that, the result is striking, but not fussy, and since it’s usually low in height, it can often be a conversation starter of the group.

5. Paper-Bag Flowers

For those who want their gifts to be unique, then they should give this a try. Vases of different sizes and shapes can look more interesting with paper bags, that even without taking the vase out of the bag, it would still look elegant and fresh. For this, you just have to slip a plain white lunch bag over the vase or container, and tie it loosely with a ribbon.

Final Words

These are just some of the most creative and unique baby shower gift ideas that you can try. Amaryllis For Flowers offers the most beautiful bouquets and flower arrangements that are perfect for any occasions, especially baby showers. If you want to know more about them, please visit

Amaryllis For Flowers – Dunedin’s Top Florist


For years now, Amaryllis for Flowers has been serving the region of Dunedin in New Zealand with fresh flowers, bouquets and gift baskets. Over this time, we have focused on creating floral displays and personalised bouquet arrangements that serve the needs of different clientele and important occasions within the area.

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