Amaryllis For Flowers – Dunedin’s Top Florist


For years now, Amaryllis for Flowers has been serving the region of Dunedin in New Zealand with fresh flowers, bouquets and gift baskets. Over this time, we have focused on creating floral displays and personalised bouquet arrangements that serve the needs of different clientele and important occasions within the area.

As a reputable orchid florist in Dunedin our company is proud to have the experienced and professional input of Susan Broadley, an expert in flowers and floral design. She is supported by an exceptional team who provide the freshest flowers and gifts throughout Dunedin.

Our services as the top florists in Dunedin:

The provision of flowers for various functions

We have an assortment of flowers at the ready, from dapper chrysanthemums and bold Gerbera daisies to delicate lilies and roses: each variety perfect for a specific person or a particular event. Our bouquets are exquisitely packed and arranged and are ideal for weddings, parties and birthday celebrations.

Pamper gifts and chocolates

We understand that while flowers go a long way when it comes to setting the mood of an event, it doesn’t do any harm to throw in some additional wow factor. Our chocolates and pamper gifts will delight at any event and add a touch of sophistication. We also offer floral soaps and fragrant creams as part of our gift baskets.

Soft toys and balloons

Children are an important element of every event you might be planning. As such, it helps to make things a little more interesting. Our toys are designed for different age groups and the balloons we offer add an extra spark of excitement to events.

Delivery services

If you are looking for convenient flower delivery in Dunedin, then Amaryllis is your perfect solution. We drop bouquets at your doorstep upon request. After purchasing your items (flowers, gifts or chocolate packages), you simply have to provide us with an address, be it a home, office or a public place. We ensure fast delivery and you can select the date of delivery when you order.

The 125,000-strong population of Dunedin is known for its love for great assortments of gifts and flowers. For close to a decade now, Amaryllis for flowers has provided a flawless service to its customers in the area. We pride ourselves on a great culture of professionalism and quality so if you need a florist in Dunedin just contact to order your flowers online!


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